Dear Gen Y and Z 

Socialization is disappearing in this age of “social” technology, with the teens of this country not knowing how to live outside of their smart phone let alone look up from it…. An impending disaster could be transpiring and 99% of these teens would perish because it would actually take time to peel their hollow eyes away from their screens and concentrate on something other than a post, snap, or selfie.

God help us.

Being 37 and a Gen X member, I think we are the last true era of American civilization who remembers talking on the home phone to friends, not taking a selfie before you go out, 200x during the outing, then one when you get home, oh and another one right before bed (always important). Listen, I’m not saying I don’t indulge in the IPad/iPhone at times.. Hey –I’m writing this on my iPhone right now! Great, convenient technology.  However, this social technology isn’t my life’s force and I  don’t have a mild stroke when I  misplace my device for more than 5 seconds.

I know it’s hard to believe but when we look at you like you are crazy, it isn’t because we don’t understand this age of technology.. It isn’t because we are envious, .. It’s because it’s sad. It’s sad that perhaps the first time you say I love you to your partner it will most likely be through your thumbs.. It’s depressing that you won’t ever gather with friends and play board games or go to the movies without your phone being in your hand, “checking in”, taking multiple photos so that you barely were present in those moments to actually appreciate them.

Gone are the days of riding a bike to a friend’s house to see if they are home and want to hang out. Bowling outings, miniature golfing.. All marred by posing and texting and scrolling.  But how do we teach this generation how much of life is really passing them by because of this little rectangular item that seems glued to their being. be continued …


2 thoughts on “Dear Gen Y and Z 

  1. I’m 54 and have no idea what generation I am from, but I do know this, being connected all of the time is like being in hell. Remember the movie, “The Phone Booth”. Just because a phone rings, does this mean you have to answer it? I am guilty too of indulging in social media, but have the choice of picking and choosing when I do it. This seems to be problem with the new generations. They feel as if they have no power over the monster.


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